Friday, January 15, 2016

The Ear, Eye, and Arm Final Post

By the end of the story, how has arm change?
He changed because a lot of things happened to him when he was trying to find someone. He got hit and he passed out, then he had a dream about finding that person with him mother. he has had different dreams since he got hit by the club. He is with Arm, Mother, and Tendai. And since he got hit he has been different, and he always stays by or next t his mother he never leaves her side or he will just stand or sit scared.

By the end of the story, how has mother changed?
 Mother changed by whenever she was home she wasn't in charge. Ever since she was with Arm she has been in charge and she isn't in charge the father is in charge but not mother is she leaves whenever she wants to. she is trying to get the baby. They been going through rough times trying hard. She is not letting father in charge of the house.

By the end of the story, how does Tendai change?
He changes wit his mother they all with their mother but they are trying to do this together and help each other out. he has gone through a lot of things he has got trapped with the made and he got out and found his mother. He has been a smart mouth to some people because he just wants this to get over and be with his family.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear,eye,and the Arm Plot Summary through chapter 27

1. Tell what happened to the children in Dead Mans Vlei.
     They got captured by a taxi that was bringing them to Dead Man's Vlei. Then they wanted to o on a different taxi they didn't have much money left and the taxi they where going to go on costed four times more then they expected. The taxi they wanted to go on said ''take it or leave to Dead Man's Vlei. When she seem the three kids she asked for there names. they told her their names. A couple days later when she new them well she made them slave. She made them do mostly of her slave work not all of it though. Then few days after that Dead Man's Vlei had some visitors come knocking on his door. It was a couple of his friends. After they went to go sit down in his living room he shut the door but not all the way. the kids seen light they went to go and see what it was, then it was sun light. They must of thought the didn't shut the door all they way.

2. Tell how the children escaped Dead Man's Vlei.
     How the children escaped was because Dead Man didn't shut the door all the way. After a few hours the kids seen light they went to go and see what that was. and they seen sun light they wonder why the door wasn't shut. then they thought it was because Dead Man didn't shut the door all they was when his visitors came in. At that time they wanted to sneak out they were thinking about it. If there were they have to do it really quiet or if they didn't Dead Man would hear them. They really wanted to escape because the whole time they where there the girl made them work. then they started to go out one at a time to escape. then they all escaped then they ran away where Dead man cant find them because they don't want to back there again. They have to try not to get caught again or they all are going to end up there again but they don't want to.

3. Tell what happen to the children in RestHaven. 
They are going to have to stay there for awhile. They just have to try there best to help. While there are there they have to do things to help with the house which they don't want to. If they don't help they are going to get kicked outside until there sister is healthy. Sometimes they don't get to sleep or enough of sleep.They all want to go somewhere else to get the chicken pox away. but the girl said they cant because they will make them stay there longer then one month. They still don. care because they just want o get out of that place. they just don't want to keep cleaning put messes they didn't make and other things. They are just to tired of doing stuff for her and cleaning and everything else for that house hey just want to get her sister better and get out of that old house.

4. Tell how the children escaped Rest Heaven.
     How they escape is when they clean they just try to sneak out the door. Their sister is like almost got the chicken pox away. She still has to watch out for it because someone else might catch it but they are not going back to Rest Heaven. They would rather go to a different place. Their sister still has the chicken pox till but it isn't that bad when she first had after a few days they finally get back with there family because their family was looking for the and they found them.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ear, Eye, Arm-Chapter 2

What do we know about the Mellower?
We know that the Mellower can feel other feelings and he always helps
them out because he does not want to fell there feelings.

How does he not fit in with the family?
He does not fit in because he can fell other people feelings and he
does not like it at all. And he lets out the bird because he feels the feeling of the bird.